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The HackSmart Hackathon Is Cancelled

It with sadness that we have made the hard decision to cancel the HackSmart hackathon and return the remaining funds back to the contributors of our Flipstarter crowdfunding campaign. Under the current dire situation with Coinflex and SmartBCH, we believe this event is unfortunately untenable and lacking of purpose.Given that the bridge between BCH and SmartBCH is currently locked, with no clear plan for this to change in the future, and the very real possibility it will never open again, we have made the decision that we cannot encourage anyone to build on SmartBCH.We will be directly contacting all contributors to our flipstarter campaign to arrange returning the funds that are still left and these will be paid back in BCH. If you are a contributor to that flipstarter, please get in contact with us as we are not able to contact everyone so easily.On personal note from us: this has been an extremely sad series of events that have occurred. We had put months of hard work into making this event something truly amazing and a huge boost for SmartBCH. We had significant emotional and business investment into making this something great. We hope that the people responsible for what has happened to SmartBCH are held to account.Here is a video summary of the situation that has occurred...

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